Wire Jewelry Single Barrel Rotary Rock Tumbler – Review

What we like Sound proof Barrel has a sufficient capacity of three pounds. 120 volts non-stop supply Lifelong validity Two year warranty Very simple and comprehensive guide. Leak-proof. Tough rubber construction. Light weight- 8 pounds. What we don’t like Sensitive to sunlight. Sensitive to cold temperatures. Works perfectly fine only in room temperatures. Full exposure … Read more

Lortone QT-6 Rock Tumbler Kit – Review | 2020

If you love to craft, then you must be well aware of the Rock Tumbler. Rock Tumbling is the process to convert an ordinary looking rock into a well-polished and shiny stone. If you are searching for a new rock tumbler tool for your crafting hobby, then Lortone’s QT-6 Rock Tumbler kit is the best … Read more

The Thumlers MP-1 Tumbling Kit Reviews | 2020

What we like The MP-1 is very small and compact in design – a tidy bit of kit. Comes complete with enough grit for each phase to perform a complete cycle on the pebbles provided. Enough for the beginner to get hooked by! A few jewelry items to convert the polished rocks into presents for … Read more

The Thumlers A-R1 Rock Tumbler Review | 2020

PROS The Thumlers A-R1 has a 3lb barrel for larger batches of stone. Extras and spare parts for the actual tumbler are readily available although the parts are tough (including the barrels which will last for months of constant tumbling before either the lids or body of the barrel needs replacing). The availability of extras … Read more

[Review] NSI Rock Tumbler Classic 2020

The NSI Rock Tumbler is designed for the introduction of children to the hobby. The kit is packaged with the following items which are included in the box in order to get you up and running without having to buy anything extra. Always supervise children when they are handling rocks and using a rock tumbler … Read more