The Thumlers MP-1 Tumbling Kit Reviews | 2024

What we like What we don’t like Thumlers MP-1 Rock Tumbler Detailed Review Thumlers make some serious tumbling equipment. The MP-1 sits somewhere between the toys reviewed on our site made by other companies and the Thumlers a-r1 model (also reviewed). We would class the MP-1 as a top of the range entry level model … Read more

The Thumlers A-R1 Rock Tumbler Review | 2024

PROS CONS Thumlers A-R1 Rock Tumbler Review The distinctive looking and striking red Thumlers Tumbler A-R1 model has been going for many years. Incredibly simple in design it is a no-frills “does the job” machine which is has a solid reputation based on thousands of users around the world. It is 15.8 x 12.6 x … Read more

[Review] Elenco Rock Polishing Machine | 2024

Another kids entry level tumbler, this time from Elenco. This is a space age looking gadget the kids will love, it is quite large in terms of its base footprint size – but also the barrel is a bit bigger than other entry level machines. It is mains powered and has the universally unique feature … Read more

[Review] NSI Rock Tumbler Classic 2024

The NSI Rock Tumbler is designed for the introduction of children to the hobby. The kit is packaged with the following items which are included in the box in order to get you up and running without having to buy anything extra. Always supervise children when they are handling rocks and using a rock tumbler … Read more