[Review] Popular Lortone 3A Rock Tumbler | 2024


  • The lids are screwed on, which means that they do not need to be immersed in boiling hot water to remove them, neither do they require any amount of extreme force to get them off. This may seem a bit irrelevant, however some makes are actually a absolute pain to use because of the struggle to open them up – this does not suffer this problem.
  • The 3A is known for quiet running due to the type of barrel it uses.
  • Ideal for the DIY art and craft enthusiast who likes making jewelry and trinkets.
  • Can be used to burnish and shine silver jewelry creations.
  • Components housed in a sturdy metal box which hides / protects the drive belt and motor.
  • Kids can use this too – under strict supervision though as always.
  • You can expect great support should you need it from a respected company like Lortone.


  • There are users who talk about the belt dropping off the pulley wheel – especially in early use. Although this sometimes just corrects itself with use, and a slight adjustment to the alignment using an alan key can also fix this issue.
  • A power button could be of use as to turn it off you will need to unplug it from the wall socket or switch it off at the wall. Very minor really – but handy to use switched sockets if available.
  • Whilst the Lortone 3A is available as a kit (with extra expense) the standard does not ship with grits or polish. This is not a down marking – just a note – you will need to purchase additional media and polish before embarking on your first session.

Lortone 3A Rock Tumbler Review

When you make the jump from junior tumblers into the world of the likes of the Lortone 3A, rock tumbling takes on a whole new meaning.

There are forums to join where experts and newbies can share ideas, and mentioning that you use a Lortone 3A will go a long way to showing people you mean business!

You will no longer be in the realms of the toy – with equipment such as this, the final product has the potential to be as high in shine as anything you may have seen commercially available on ready made jewelry.

The Lortone model 3A tumbler has a single 3 pound capacity barrel allowing for a good couple of fistfuls of specimens to be tumbled in one go. It is designed for years of excellent performance and trouble free operation. The Lortone 3A is a real workhorse and will grind away for years on end if looked after correctly. Barrels are made from durable hard rubber material which reduces impact sounds during cycles and the high quality motor will last for many years.

The Lortone 3A tumbler is relatively quiet, strong in build and gives excellent results when (as with all tumblers) it is used correctly and is made in the US.

It is often said that taking a leap of faith away from the kids tumblers to something like a Lortone is a very good investment. We tend to agree with this – although if cost is a major factor, or if you are just wanting to see if the younger ones enjoy lapidary, then the cheaper models are always a viable option.

More Details

Weight : 5 lbs.
Warranty : 12 Months
Tumbler Machine Dimensions in Inches : 9 1/4 x 5 3/4 x 2 1/2.
Barrel Size in Inches : 4 3/4 Length x 4 1/2 Diameter.

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