Lortone QT-6 Rock Tumbler Kit – Review | 2024

If you love to craft, then you must be well aware of the Rock Tumbler. Rock Tumbling is the process to convert an ordinary looking rock into a well-polished and shiny stone. If you are searching for a new rock tumbler tool for your crafting hobby, then Lortone’s QT-6 Rock Tumbler kit is the best option for you.

Here, we have provided in-depth review of Lortone’s best-selling Rock Tumbler I.e. Lortone QT-6.

Lortone QT6 Rock Tumbler: Pros and Cons

What we like

  • Ideal for beginners with absolutely no fuss
  • Durable construction with stainless steel
  • Versatile tumbler
  • Easy-to-use interface for all types of users
  • Professional-grade design
  • Suitable for large scale tumbling
  • Powerful motor of 10V for continuous performance
  • A full grit kit is included for polishing different types of materials
  • Backed by 1 Year limited manufacturer warranty

What we don’t like

  • The tumbler makes unnecessary noise due to metal body and heavy-duty motor. It requires a special separate room for tumbling.

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About Lortone Brand:

Lortone is one of the most trusted names in the rock tumbling industry. The brand has a range of different types of rock tumblers for hobbyists and professionals who can turn an ordinary rock into a beautiful piece of craft. Lortone’s rock tumblers are known for their superior quality and great performance which is why it is the top-rated brand in the industry.

No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional user, you can easily pick the suitable rock tumbler tool for your needs. You can also get a suitable rock tumbler for kids from Lortone. The QT-6 is a professional-grade Rock Tumbler designed for the professional user. Let’s collect useful information about this best-selling Rock Tumbler from Lortone.

Lortone QT-6 Features

Build Quality

Being a professional-grade rotary tumbler, the QT-6 Rock Tumbler is designed to last for years. It is made from high-grade metal materials which ensures great durability of the product. You will never have any issues with its build quality in the future after purchasing it.

All steel-body makes it more stable. Since the barrel rotates continuously, the rotary tumbler has to be stable. It’s a little heavier than an ordinary plastic-made tumbler. It comes with a stainless-steel cover which adds up extra-safety and stability.

Rubber-padded Barrel

The barrel of the rotary tumbler is an important part. Barrel is the part where you can store ordinary rocks to be converted into shiny and beautiful stones. The barrel of this rotary tumbler is padded with rubber materials. This rotary tumbler uses 10-sided molded rubber padded barrel which is cable of polishing up to 6 LB at a time.

Versatile Performance

It’s an all-in-one rotary tumbler which is an ideal option for professional users who can use a variety of materials for polishing and sharpening tasks. With this rotary tumbler, you can polish up rock, brass, beads, castings, glass and more.

The list of materials which you can use to polish is infinite. The only thing matters here is the size of the material. The barrel size of this rotary tumbler is limited and you have to add the compatible pieces of materials to use in the barrel for polishing and sharpening.

1-Year Warranty

The Lortone QT6 Rock Tumbler Kit is backed by the company’s 1 Year of limited manufacturer warranty. You can get the parts of the rotary tumbler such as motor, barrel and other electrical parts replaced or repaired within the warranty period. Lortone’s products are there for a hassle-free and worry-free usage.

Powerful Heavy-duty Motor

It’s an electric rotary tumbler which is also known as an automatic tumbler. It uses a heavy-duty motor for continuous use. Rock tumbling requires continuous rotation of the main chamber which requires a powerful motor. For professional use, a high-power motor is needed and the BT-6 Model uses the same.

This rock tumbler is powered by a high-performance 120V and 60Hz of motor for continuous use. You can use this rotary tumbler for weeks until the polishing of stone is done.

Ease of Use

Most of the beginners avoid purchasing a professional-grade rotary tumbler as they find it extremely difficult to handle. The Lortone’s QT-6 serves intuitive interface which is very easy-to-use. It is very comfortable even if you are a beginner and have not used any type of Rotary Tumbler before.

Being a fully electric rotary tumbler, it requires very fewer manual efforts. You just need to fill in the barrel and turn on the main rotary switch to start the motor. That’s all you have to do to start the rotary tumbler. Everything will be handled by the machine itself; you just need to check out the polishing of the stones periodically.

Starter Kit

The Lortone’s QT6 comes with a full kit. If you have a separate place for polishing or tumbling, then you should go with the full kit of this Tumbler which packs with a number of accessories and tools. It is recommended to have a sound-proof room so that no one will disturb with the sound of the motor and the tumbling process of ordinary rocks and other materials.

Lortone QT6 Rock Tumbler Reviews available on different websites if you have any doubts about the tumbling kit. The kit includes grits pouch to polish 50 to 60 pounds of rough rock.

If we talk more about the kit comes in two separate boxes, a 13 pounds of tumbler box which includes the main machine or the rock tumbler and the second box which is of 18 pounds which is a grit kit to polish a variety of materials.

The grit kit includes 5 pounds of coarse, 5 pounds of medium, 5 pounds of pre-polish, 1 pound micro alumina polishing and 1 pound of plastic pellets. All types of polishing and sharpening materials are included in the kit for different types of materials.

Apart from this, the Lortone QT6 Rock Tumbler kit also includes a Gemstone Tumbling Buying Guide for beginners and professional users. You can follow the detailed tumbling guide to get the required results at the end.

Where to buy?

You can buy this multi-purpose heavy-duty rock tumbler kit with grit kit from Amazon. You can also get a separate Lortone QT6 Rock Tumbler from the market.

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