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Best Rock Tumblers to Buy in 2019 – Complete Guide

Jun 20, 2019

Introduction to Rock Tumbler and Lapidary Kits

The rock tumbler comes in many different types and brands, they are available in a variety of sizes (and to some extent shapes) and they are manufactured to meet the needs and expectations of the users whom they are aimed at on an individual basis. For example, if you need your rock tumbler for professional lapidary (perhaps for jewelry making and selling), then you will probably not be satisfied with either the capacity or final polish depth of finish and shine provided by the lower end of the market or the kind of tumbler which has been made for children as an introduction to the hobby. Naturally, this is a more extreme example and in essence compares the two ends of the scale of rock tumblers available – however there are variables all along the range which can be considered based on application and requirements that can influence the decision regarding which rock tumbler might be best suited to your requirements.

  • Beginners
  • Kids
  • Commercial-Use
  • Vibratory Rock Tumblers

Detailed Reviews of My Recommended Tumblers

Best Rock Tumblers for Beginners

1. Lortone 3A Single Barrel Tumbler



  1. Best In Quality

Lortone’s products come with the great build quality and you will never have an issue with the build quality of the products of this brand. This Single Barrel Tumbler from Lortone is made from heavy-grade materials which makes it extra-durable. 

  1. Modern Design

The Tumbler is designed for modern users who never compromise with the style of the new products. It comes with a new lid-type design which makes the entire process super easy for the users. 

  1. Ease of Use

Unlike other Rock Tumbler, this unit serves an easy-to-use interface. Even a beginner can start using it by following basic instructions. 

  1. Control

You don’t have to worry about controlling this unit as it comes with a simple power cord with an on/ off switch. Just insert the power cord to a power source and start using it as you want. 

  1. Noise-free Operations

The unit is extremely smooth and doesn’t make any noise while running. It takes a decent amount of time to finish its tasks which is worth to get the desired results. 




  1. Overheating

Many users of this Tumbler are complaining about the overheating issue with continuous use of the unit. The glue holding the rubber gets melted. 

  1. Issues with the Rock Container

There are some users who have complained about the container of the unit stopped working. The container which carries rocks has stopped working and they are unable to use the machine. 

2. Thumler’s Tumbler Rock Polisher



  1. Trusted Brand

Thumbler has been manufacturing a variety of rock tumblers for different types of consumers for years. The brand is quite popular and offers quality products to users. This is the best option available for you if you are searching for a budget-friendly and good quality product. 

  1. Large Capacity

Unlike other compact-sized Rock Tumblers, the Thumler’s Tumbler comes with an extra-large capacity of its rock container. The container of this Tumbler is of 3 lbs and it can hold up to 3 lbs of rocks inside it. 

  1. Rubber Barrel

This unit includes a rubber barrel instead of a metal barrel. Rubber barrel reduces noise while rotating and this makes the entire process noise-free. 

  1. Advanced Motor

Being a new generation Tumbler, this unit is designed with an advanced motor which is capable enough to work for weeks continuously. Rock tumbling is a time-consuming process and for that reason, the machine you choose should come with a powerful motor that can handle continuous work. 

  1. Heat-free operation

It is made from high-grade materials which extend its life. The motor and other parts of this tumbler don’t get hot even after you use it for days. You can work on this unit worry-free. 

  1. Zero Maintenance

This tumbler is designed to work continuously for weeks and hence it doesn’t require any maintenance. The motor runs silently and it offers consistent performance. You don’t need to waste your hard-earned money on maintaining this unit.  

  1. Compatible with Different types of Materials

This Rock Tumbler unit works well with many types of materials. The materials that can work with this machine are gems, rocks, brass, beads, and many types of glasses. 

  1. Professional-grade results

This Rock Tumbler unit is ideal for professional users who get the best results with the raw stones and rocks. With its consistent performance and support, it provides professional-grade results every time you use it. 



  1. Poor Design

Many users are complaining about the design of this unit which is not that good. The unit is designed with a rubber barrel to reduce overall noise coming out from the machine and hence, the design of this unit is a little bulky. 

  1. Rubber Parts

To reduce the noise, the machine uses parts that are made from rubber materials. Users have issues with the rubber parts as they get shredded after using it for over a month or so. 

  1. Leakage issue

There are some users who are posting about leaking issue of the rock container. The container gets leaked sometimes which is not good for professional users. 

3. Lortone 45C Rotary Rock Tumbler



  1. Reliable Brand

Lortone’s Products are highly recommended by experts. The brand has a range of different types of Rock and Stone Tumblers for all types of consumers. It offers the best quality products which work for years. You will never have any issues with the build quality of this unit. 

  1. Multiple Rollers

Unlike the traditional rock tumblers, the Lortone’s Rock Tumbler features two rolling drums. One rolling drum is directly connected to the motor while the other one is free. 

  1. Easy-to-use

This Rock Tumbler is designed for all types of consumers. It doesn’t need you to be a professional worker. It comes with an easy cord to get started with the rock tumbling process. 

  1. Compatible with different types of materials

This Rock Tumbler is compatible to work with a range of materials. You can use rocks, stones, brass, glasses and many other materials to give them a perfect shape. 



  1. Overheating

The motor of this machine gets overheated with continuous use. Make sure you take proper care about this issue when you use this machine for the first time. 

  1. Drum leaks

Some users are complaining about the leakage issue of the rubber drum. The quality of the drum is also not good. 

  1. Requires lubrication

Since this unit features two separate drums, you need to lubricate between these drums regularly to make them run and rotate smoothly. 

Best Rock Tumblers for Kids

The design of a kids rotary rock tumbler and starter kit is very often different than the design of a professional / hobbyist tumbler. Very often the parts tend to be made of plastic, and for safety reasons the motors are well hidden with all the pointed parts rounded off smoothly. The moving parts such as the rotating barrel are also sometimes covered with a protective screen. There is also sometimes a timer facility built into these which allows the owner to set the machine going for a length of time, automatically stopping the rotation of the barrels after this period (measured in days normally).

It should realistically be noted that children must be supervised by an adult at all times when participating in tumbling rocks, because after all, we are using electrical products, chemicals, sharp stone, sometimes a rock hammer and more often than not, implements found in the typical household kitchen!

You may want to have a read of the basic instructions for using a rock tumbler which we have provided here, and within these you will encounter some of the limitations of choosing a very basic kit for kids. Having said this, you should be able to get a few good batches of rocks before running into problems and the related costs can be kept to a relative minimum – if the hobby grows, more expensive equipment can be bought if needed.

4. Chicago Electric Power Tools 67631 Rotary Rock Tumbler, 3 lb



  1. Great Build Quality

This Rotary Rock Tumbler is made from high-grade plastic materials which makes it a lightweight unit. The machine works smoothly and you will never have an issue with its build quality. Due to its plastic body, it is best suited for kids. 

  1. Runs quietly

This Rock Tumbler uses rubber barrels which make the entire rumbling operation smooth and quiet. The tumbler doesn’t make any noise and offers consistent performance for days. 

  1. Powerful Motor

The Chicago Tumbler is an electrically powered unit which runs with a 120v of the motor. The motor is powerful enough to work continuously until the rock tumbling process is done. 

  1. Compatible with different types of materials

This Rock Tumbler works well with rock, stone, brass, and a variety of glasses. Depending on your basic needs, you can use the right type of material and can select the batch type for the same. 



  1. Stops Working

Many users have found that the machine stopped working after a couple of months of its continuous use. You need to take a break in between the batches to run it for a longer time. 

  1. Rubber barrels shred

This unit uses rubber barrels for tumbling and due to resistances, it gets shredded. 

5.  Classic Crafts NSI Rock Tumbler Classic, Multicolor



  1. Great Build Quality

Classic Crafts is known for providing quality products. This rock tumbler from the brand is made from high-grade plastic material which ensures its durability. The product is designed to work for years without breaking. 

  1. Works smoothly

The Electrically powered Tumbler from Classic Crafts is the best Tumbler for kids as it offers consistent performance on hard stones and makes the entire tumbling process super easy. It converts raw and hard stones into beautiful gems. 

  1. Easy to operate

The rock tumbling operation of this unit is pretty simple and anyone can easily operate this machine with its simple control. The unit comes with a power cord which needs to be inserted to the power source plug. It features an on/ off switch to start and stop. 

  1. Affordable pricing

This Rock Tumbler is a special toy for the kids who can operate it easily and can convert hard stones into beautiful and shiny gems. It’s an affordable rock tumbler which is suitable for economy buyers. 



  1. Issues with the Quality

The unit is made from high-grade plastic materials, still, there are some users who have experienced quality issues with the product. They are not satisfied with the quality of this unit. 

  1. Leakage issue

The container of this tumbler leaks a lot and there are people who have posted negative reviews and feedback of this product due to the same reason. 

6. NSI/Smithsonian 49005 Rock Tumbler



  1. Advanced Rock Tumbler

This Rock Tumbler is designed with the latest Mechanical Tumbling Action which makes the entire Rock Tumbling Process super easy. This unit works well with hard rocks and other materials and provides professional grade results at the end. 

  1. Easy to operate

The unit comes with easy-to-operate functions let anyone use it to give the right shape on the hard stone and other materials as per their requirements. It comes with an on and off switch to start and stop the process. 

  1. Ultra-quiet operation

The Rock tumbler uses an advanced motor which runs quietly and doesn’t make any noise. It offers consistent work for days without getting heated. 

  1. Ideal for Kids

This is the best Rock Tumbler for kids with creative minds. It offers the best of rock tumbling experience with a super smooth and easy interface. 

  1. Comes with Instructions Booklet

The package of this unit includes a colourful instruction booklet to get started with it. Kids can go through the instructions to start their first rock tumbling process. It’s a professional-grade toy designed for advanced kids. 



  1. Poor Build Quality

Being an advanced Rock Tumbler, this machine is made from non-durable materials. Many users have issues with the quality of this product. 

  1. Leaking Issue

Most Rock Tumblers have the same issue. Many users are complaining about the issue with the rock container. 

  1. Takes a long time

The rock rumbling process with this machine is very time-consuming. It takes over seven days to complete one batch. Not suitable for the kids who lack patience. 

Best Rock Tumblers for Commercial-Use

7. Diamond Pacific 24T-2 T Heavy Duty Commercial Rotary Rock Tumbler



  1. Great Build Quality

It’s a heavy-duty Rock Tumbler which is made from high-grade steel and metal materials. The tumbler offers extra-long life with great durability. It works well for heavy-duty tumbling tasks on a big rock and other materials. 

  1. Extra-large Capacity

This Rock Tumbler is designed for the commercial use and hence it comes with an extra-large capacity of its container. The unit comes with a 24-lb capacity of the hopper. 

  1. Features Two Barrels

This unit features two barrels with 9-inch of diameter. This makes it the most suitable Rock tumbler for commercial use and heavy loads. 

  1. Uses a heavy-duty motor

This Electrically powered tumbler uses a heavy-duty motor of 1/3 HP. It is engineered for professionals who want professional results with the machine. The motor offers consistent performance for days to finish the rock tumbling task. 

  1. Smooth Operations

The roller shafts are covered with the polyurethane which eliminates extra resistance between the rollers and makes the entire process super easy. It uses a three-wired cord. Just insert the cord to the power plug to get started with it. 



  1. Not ideal for Basic users

If you are a beginner, then this Rock Tumbler is not made for you. It is specially designed for heavy-duty tasks. It’s a commercial-grade unit which is there for the professional users only. 

  1. Overheating issue

The machine uses a powerful 1/3 HP Motor which makes the unit get overheated after continuous use. 

8.  Lortone C40 Commercial Rotary Rock Tumbler



  1. Trusted Brand

Lortone offers a range of Rock Tumblers of different types for all types of consumers. It is the most trusted brands in this field and this Lortone C40 unit is the best Rotary Rock Tumbler unit available on the market for commercial use.

  1. Large Capacity

Being a Commercial-grade heavy-duty rock tumbler machine, this unit comes with an extra-large 40 lbs of capacity. It can hold a large number of rocks with big size and offers professional-grade results every time.

  1. Unique Design

Being a new generation Rotary Rock Tumbler, it comes with a unique laser cut low profile base traction rollers with sealed bearings. The heavy-duty steel barrels are perfect to handle the heavy-duty tumbling task with a big rock and another type of materials.

  1. Advanced Barrels

The barrels of this unit is made from high-grade steel materials which are designed to last for a longer time. The barrels are lined with neoprene rubber which makes the entire operation quiet.

  1. Easy carry handle

It features a handle to carry the unit easily. Built-in handle makes it easier for the users to carry and transport the unit anywhere he wants.

  1. Powerful Motor

This unit uses an overload protected 1/3 HP motor which offers consistent rock tumbling operation without any interruptions. You can expect continuous and professional-grade results with this unit.

  1. Backed by 1 Year Warranty

This unit is backed by the company’s limited 1-year manufacturer warranty on the motor and its parts.



  1. Requires Lubrications

The machine uses steel barrels which need to be lubricated regularly. You have to keep an eye on the resistance and overheating of the machine while using it continuously.

  1. Makes some noise

Being a heavy-duty machine, the motor makes some noise while the process is going on!

9. Diamond Pacific 40T T Heavy Duty Commercial Rotary Rock Tumbler



  1. Trusted Brand

Diamond Pacific is a trusted brand with a range of different types of Rock Tumbler units. The new 40T T Rock Tumbler is designed for the heavy-duty rock tumbling task. This unit is designed for commercial use and not for the kids.

  1. Extra-large Capacity

Being a commercial-grade unit, this Rock Tumbler comes with an extra-large container of 40 lbs. The hopper is made from high-grade steel materials which extend its durability and life.

  1. Ultra-smooth operation

This Commercial-grade unit uses a powerful 1/3 HP of motor that runs smoothly and provides consistent operation. It works well with all types of rocks and many different types of materials.

  1. All-steel body

The entire unit is made from high-grade steel and metal materials. The hopper of the unit features polypropylene lining which makes it extra-durable.

  1. Polyurethane-covered roller shafts

The roller shaft of this Unit is cover with Polyurethane material which offers super smooth tumbling operation by eliminating extra resistance between the rollers.



  1. Not suitable with a light duty task

If you are buying a new rock tumbler for the basic tumbling task on small stones, then this unit is not suitable for you. It is a commercial-grade rock tumbler which is designed for a heavy-duty task only.

  1. Overheating issue

With continuous use of the motor, it gets overheated. Make sure you use it properly to prevent the motor from getting burnt.

Best Vibratory Rock Tumblers

10. Thumler’s Tumbler Ultra-Vibe 10 Vibrating Tumbler



  1. Professional-grade unit

Thumler’s Tumbler is designed for professional users only. It is not a rock tumbler as it is designed to work as a polisher for rocks and other materials. It works with heavy-duty polishing task and offers professional-grade results with less time. 

  1. Unique design

Unlike other rock tumblers and polishers, this unit has a unique cylinder type design which looks like a gas cylinder from the front. The Dimensions of this unit is 10 diam. x 11H inches which are suitable for commercial use.

  1. Removable Bowl

Instead of a cylindrical container and barrels, this unit features a unique bowl. It’s a removable bowl which lets you remove the polished stones and glasses from it easily.

  1. Large Capacity of the Bowl

It comes with an extra-large bowl with 10 lbs of capacity.

  1. Innovative Cyclonic Effect

The machine uses a powerful ball-bearing motor which runs with a cyclonic effect. This unique design and operation protect the unit from overloading and overheating. Cyclonic Effect moves objects throughout the bowl makes the stone look beautiful and well-polished. The Cyclonic Effect makes it a unique Vibratory type Rock Tumbler unit.

  1. Backed by Manufacturer Warranty

This Unit is backed by the company’s limited manufacturer warranty of 1 year on the motor and its parts.



  1. Not suitable rock tumbling

If you are buying a unit for rock tumbling, then this unit is not a good option for you. This unit is designed just to polish the stones and glasses. It is not recommended for beginners.

Rock Tumbling Guide

There is definitely an art to getting a fantastic shine on the rocks you decide to put through a rock tumbler, and whichever device you choose or own already, the best results will always come with a combination of time and patience. This doesn’t apply to “waiting for it to finish” – that is a must, what we mean by time and patience is really more specific to how your skill will develop as you tumble more and more batches of rough rock to a standard you are satisfied with, and indeed, your standards will probably raise the more rocks you tumble.

So whilst it isn’t really possible to attain the art by reading guides alone, learning the basics from the very beginning will certainly get you on the road to success if the directions below are followed very carefully. Many people are turning their hand to lapidary and remember owning a rock tumbler when they were younger – if you fall into this category, we are certain that the sound of the barrel turning will bring back some long lost memories. Happy Tumbling!

Preparing to use a Rock Tumbler

Perhaps often overlooked are important factors when using a rock tumbler. Read this preparation page to ensure you are ready to leave an electronic device, powered up, alone and running for long periods of time in a safe environment.

Step 1 – Rough Rock to Shaped Rock – 80 Grit

The idea behind the first step is to take your rough rock and grind it (tumble it) down into a form which is indistinguishable (in shape) from the final product. The size and shape of the rocks at the end of this first step will be more or less the same as they will be once they are completely shiny at the end of the fourth step.

Step 2 – A Two part Process of 220 then 400 Grit

Step 2 of using a rock tumbler is in itself a two part process. These tumbles will not actually shape the rock, instead it will work on the outer surface making the rocks smoother and smoother until they are ready for the final polishing which is the ultimate goal.

Step 3 – The Final Polishing of your Tumbled Rock

And now for step 3. This will add a shine to the gemstones you have worked so hard in the tumbler now for many weeks – it is the last stage. Doing this part right will make it all worthwhile, so apply concentration to how clean and free from grit the barrel and rocks are and the results will be amazing.

1. What is a Rock Tumbler?

Rock Tumbler is nothing but a machine to smooth and polish different types of rocks and stones. This machine is highly used by Jewellers to polish raw stones and give them the perfect shape. It is also used for craftsmen and other professionals who can produce tumbled rocks using this machine.

The Rock tumbler machines are of different types. Depending on your basic needs, you can pick the right size of the tumbler to fulfil your needs. You don’t need to limit yourself with your work as the rock tumbler comes in different shapes and sizes and gives you the professional results every time you use it.

Aside from this, the same machine is used by the people who are fond of different types of stones. They can use this machine on their home to discover the real beauty of the stones. It comes with a decent functionality making it easier for them to use it like a pro.

2. What to do with Tumbled Rocks?

There are many reasons why many people are getting attracted to rock tumbling. The same process was done by manual tasks which require a lot of time and patience. However, with the use of a reliable Rock Tumbler machine, the rock tumbling process has become a lot easier and faster.

There are people who just love to collect a variety of stones with different colours, shapes and sizes. Here we have enlisted a few arear where the tumbled rocks are used.

Jewellery Making

The most common use of tumbled rocks is in the jewellery making process. Most Jewelers do own a Rock Tumbler Machine to design and produce the perfect stone as per their clients’ needs.

Jewellers use raw stones on the barrel of the tumbler to give them perfect shape and shine.

Craft Making

Craftworks require a lot of patience and innovative things to attract the eyeballs of the consumers. If you are unable to offer a unique design on your crafts, no one will praise your efforts and you will end up storing your own crafts. People will buy things which are unique and innovative.

Tumbled rocks can be used in a variety of craft work. Craftwork requires different types of stones in different colours and shapes and tumbled rocks are just perfect for them.

Planter Filler

Some people use tumbled rocks to fill the planter. It looks adorable and enhances the beauty of your home.


Tumbled Rocks look beautiful as they come in different shapes and colours and look extra shiny than normal stones. They are also used for various decorations in parties and other occasions.


Paperweights are useful in the offices to hold down the papers placed on the work table. Tumbled Rocks can be used as paperweights in the offices as well.


There are some creative minds which use the tumbled rocks in Keychains. They combine multiple tumbled rocks and produce an eye catchy keychain. You can also ask them to create a keychain as per your requirements from the available options.

Where to Find Rocks to Tumble?

Most people don’t aware of the Rock Tumbling Process and what they can do with the tumbled rocks. We hope that you are not aware of the Rock Tumblers and why they are high in demands. Now, let’s talk about where and how you can find rocks to tumble using a Rock Tumbler machine.

Rock Tumblers are compatible with limited types of rocks and stones and for that reason, it is important for the users to pick the perfect and suitable stones and rocks with the rock tumbler machine. Before you start searching for rocks to tumble using the machine, you need to know about the quality of the rocks first.

The rocks which you are going to use with the Rock Tumbler machine should be hard and with a gritty surface. Thankfully, there are many resellers available online which lets you choose rocks to tumble using the rock tumbler machine.

Jasper and Agate are the most common types of Rocks to work with the rock tumblers machines. Most professionals do make use of these rocks for their needs.

Agate is undoubtedly the most useful and highly recommended type of Rock to work with the Rock Tumbler machine. This rock comes in different colour options and gestures. You can use a variety of methods to give them the perfect shape and shine as per your needs.

This type of rocks can be found easily near coastal areas. Thankfully, you can order them online from various websites. So you don’t need to go and search for the suitable rocks to work with the machine.

For more information about the Rocks to tumble, you can search for the same on the Internet. You will find many tutorials and guidebook to make you understand about the different types of rocks that can work with the Rock Tumbler machine.

Which Rocks NOT to Tumble?

As we have discussed the different types of rocks in the above section, it is important for you to know why you should not use all types of Rocks with the Rock Tumbler machine. Rock Tumbling is a highly time-consuming process and you have to wait for days to get the perfect stone or rock as per your needs.

If you pick a wrong type of rock, then you will end up wasting your time and efforts. To not make such mistakes, you should also know about the types of Rocks which are not recommended for the Rock Tumbling process. Let’s find them out now!

For Rock Tumbling process, you need to pick the rocks based on their hardness. According to a German Geologist who formed a Mohs Scale to understand and figure out the hardness of the stone or rock.

Mohs Scale is nothing but a scale with 0 to 10 numbers to measure the hardness of the stone. A lower number means that rock is soft and is not suitable to work with the Rock Tumbler unit. For Rock Tumbling, Mohs Scale ratings should be above 7.

According to experts, Rocks that are too hard too soft are not good for rock tumbling as they can’t be polished well. If you are a beginner, you are advised not to go with this type of stone as you will end up spending your time and money with poor results.

Marbles can be considered as the softest Stone while Diamond is the hardest stone in the world.

Types of Rock Tumblers

There are two different types of Rock Tumblers available on the market, Rotary and Vibratory. Rock Tumblers come in different shapes and sizes. There are many manufacturers available on the market who are producing Rock Tumblers for Kids. Yes, Kids too can make use of the Rock Tumbler to work with a variety of rocks and stones. Let’s collect some useful information about the types of Rock Tumblers.

Rotary Tumbler

Rotary Tumbler is also known as Rotating Tumbler which is highly used by the professionals. Rotary Tumblers are high in demands as they offer professional-grade results with the types of Stone and Rock that you select.

In this type of Tumbler, rocks fall over and over again on each other within the barrel. This way the Rotary Tumbler polishes the stones and rocks. This is the same method which is used by the Ocean.

If you ask us, we recommend you to go with the brand which has been in the market for years. Always choose a trusted brand when buying a new Rotary Tumbler. When you go with a branded Rotary Tumbler unit, you will not have to worry about the performance and quality of the machine.

Rock Tumbling requires a number of days and for that reason, you will have to replace some parts of the machine especially if you use it on a regular basis. For that reason, you need to choose a brand who also manufacturer the different parts of the Rock Tumblers.

Vibratory Tumblers

On the other hand, the Vibratory Tumblers are also good in shaping and polishing raw stones and rocks. This type of tumblers is also known as Agitating Tumblers in the field. This type of machine work on a different principle and they are not actually tumbling the stones or rocks.

Vibratory Tumblers use either ultrasound or spin method to polish the raw rocks. The spinning method is highly used by this type of tumblers on the vertical axis. This type of rock tumblers costs a lot and that’s the reason why most people don’t want to own them.

However, they come with a lot of benefits compared to the traditional rotary tumblers. This type of Tumblers is good at polishing stones and rocks with less time.

Things to Consider while buying a Rock Tumbler

Rock Tumbler requires professionalism and for that reason, there are many things you need to consider first before buying a new Rock Tumbler machine. Here we have listed down some things which should be considered first. The following list will help you to pick the best and suitable rock tumbler machine for your needs.


There are numerous manufacturers available on the market with a range of different types of Rock Tumbler machines. If you are looking for a rock tumbler machine for your kids, then you should pick a branded rock tumbler which comes with a good warranty.

If we talk about popular brands, then Thumbler and Lortone are the most popular brands with a range of Rock Tumblers for both, Kids and professional users. It is highly recommended for you to go with the branded Rock Tumbler machine instead of going with a non-branded and cheap one.

Barrel Size

The size of the barrel is the first thing you need to consider as it decides the capacity of the machine. The size of the barrel on a Rock Tumbler machine is measured in Weight. The most common size of the barrel on the Rock Tumbler is of 3 lbs. If you are a beginner, then 3 lbs of barrel size are suitable for you.

If we talk more about the size, with a 3 lbs of barrel size, you can use rocks and stones up to 2 lbs. The other pound should be filled with water or grit as per the type of rock you use on the machine.

If you are into professional rock tumbling, then are many options of Rock Tumblers available on the market with 6 lbs to 12 lbs of size. For commercial use, the Rock Tumbler machine comes with a larger size of 20 lbs to 40 lbs. They are made of heavy-duty materials and designed to last for years.

Depending on your basic needs and the size of the rocks you will work with the machine, you need to choose the right size of the Rock Tumbler. If you go with heavy duty for smaller tasks, then you won’t get the desired results with it. Always go with a suitable size as per your needs.

Barrel Material

Different manufacturers are using different materials to manufacturer their Rock Tumbler machines. The main part on the Rock Tumbler machine is the Barrel. Some manufacturer offers multiple barrels on their new generation machines.

In today’s world, barrels are made of either rubber or plastic materials. Rubber barrels are highly used in the new generation rock tumbler machines as they reduce noise while tumbling and they are not good for the people who don’t like noisy environment.

If we talk about the Tumblers for Kids, they are made from plastic materials. Plastic is less expensive and comes with extra durability which is best for the Kids.

Professional-grade tumblers use high-quality rubbers. Rock Tumbling process takes days of time and for that reason, you need to choose the machine which doesn’t make any noise while rock tumbling. The machine you use should be noise free and the material of the barrel should be of rubber.

Single or Multiple Barrels?

As mentioned in the above section, some manufacturers offer multiple barrels on the rock tumbler. If you are into professional rock tumbling, then you can go with the rock tumbler with a dual barrel unit. You can use two different types of rocks with a single machine to use simultaneously.

Apart from this, you can also use the rock tumbling process with different batches on a single machine. A single batch of rocks requires several weeks to get the desired shape and polish. When you use multiple batches, the process becomes easier and faster. You don’t need to spend weeks of time on a single batch.


Price is also a factor to consider especially if you are a beginner and with low budget. There are numerous types of Rock Tumbler Machines available on the market and you need not go with a cheap machine. Pick the machine with an affordable price tag without compromising with its quality.

Rotary Vs. Vibratory Tumblers

Rotary Tumbler and Vibratory Tumbler are two different types of Rock Tumbler Machines available on the market. Rotary Tumbler is the most common type of Rock Tumbler machine which is highly recommended for the beginners.

Vibratory Tumblers are new generation Tumblers and they are designed to work with a range of Rocks and Stones. Vibratory Tumblers offer professional grade results in less time compared to the Rotary Tumblers.

Vibratory Tumblers are used for polishing the rocks after rock tumbling. They make the polishing process much faster and professional for the users.

Professional users own both, Rotary Tumbler and Vibratory Tumbler. They use Rotary Tumbler for shaping and sharpening the Rocks, and Vibratory Tumbler to polish them. Once they finish tumbling rocks, Vibratory Tumbler is used for faster polishing to finish the entire process.