How to Make a Rock Tumbler at Home ? Easy Instructions

Rock Tumbler is an essential tool for those who love crafting their own designs using a variety of stones. Yes, you can actually convert an ordinary Rock to a stunning and shiny Gemstone using a Rock Tumbler tool. It is a small machine that lets you convert raw stones to expensive-looking gemstones.

There are numerous types of Rock Tumblers available on the market starting from Kids to Professional users. Yes, there are toy-type Rock Tumblers also available for creative kids. You just need to follow a simple procedure and some most basic rules to convert your stones. The process is quite user-friendly and you will not face any difficulties while using this tool.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and planning to make your own Rock Tumbler at home, then you are at the right place. After receiving so many feedbacks, we have prepared a detailed step by step guide for making a Rock Tumbler at home. We have included everything that could help you make your very first Rock Tumbler at home.

There are kids who also love creating their own stuff and this tutorial may help them as well. We have prepared this guide by keeping all types of audiences in mind who can follow simple steps and create their own Rock Tumbler without the need of any professionals.

If you go with a DIY process, you will not have to spend anything on making a Rock Tumbler. You can make it with the household things. However, if you wish to make a professional-grade Rock Tumbler, you can purchase some parts from the market which are easily available.

DIY Rock Tumbler: Instructions

The first thing we need to do is collecting the parts. A Rock Tumbler is made from different parts which are the most common ones. You can get all the parts of a Rock Tumbler easily if you wish to make one on your own. Here, we have listed down all the essential parts that need to be collected first by the user.

Make sure you use quality parts so that your DIY Tumbler can survive for months and years. You can make use of wheel bearings along with the barrel to expands its life. The tumbler will become more durable when you use such additional and supportive parts.

If you have skateboard bearings, you can make use of these bearings as well. Since it’s a DIY project of your own, it is better for you to use the parts which are already available in your home. This will save you a lot of money and time.

Let’s check out the things or the parts which are essential to make a Rock Tumbler at home. You have to be a little skillful as you have to deal with cutting and other processes. If you are not familiar with such tools, you better keep a companion aside who can help you during the cutting task. Here’s the list of things which are required.


  • Electric Motor
  • Power Supply
  • Anti-slip Shelf Liner
  • Mini Rollers
  • Wooden sheets to design its frame
  • Power Switch
  • Screws

These much parts are required to get started with the Rock Tumbler making procedure. Make sure you collect all these parts. If you are a DIYer, then all these parts must be in your workplace or in your garage.

Required Tools:

  • Wrenches
  • Screwdriver
  • Saw
  • Drill with Different sizes of Bits
  • Cutting Knife

Once you collect all the parts and tools, you are good to go with the Rock Tumbler making the process. Let’s get on to the steps now!

Step 1: Creating a Frame 

The first thing you need to make is the frame. Make sure you create a layout of the Rock Tumbler on a paper. You can follow the layout during the procedure so things won’t be mixed up. Better for you to start with a paper.

Cut down different planks using a raw to set out a frame. This structure should be durable enough as it will carry the barrel and rocks. You need to put holes for motor, rollers, barrels and other things.

Step 2: Placement of Motor 

The Electric Motor is placed beside the main placement of the drum or barrel. So, you can place it on either side of the barrel as you like. You can even cut a proper size to place the motor. You can use scrap plywood for frame structuring which will be cheaper for you.

Step 3: Static Ends 

Static Ends features two holes which are for the rollers. Rollers will be placed into these Holes to roll the barrel or drum. You can add extra holes into the frame to change the size of the Roller or barrel in future.

You are requested to keep at least two rollers for the tumbler as it makes the procedure more relaxing. Depending upon the sizes of the drum and rollers, you need to put holes in the frame. You can purchase readymade rollers from the market which are made from wooden materials.

Step 4: Mount Motor

Once the frame structure is ready, you need to mount the motor to its place along with the rollers. For extra durability and stability, use appropriate bolts and screws while making a structure.

Motor Placement will take a while as it should be done properly. You can follow some additional guidelines while setting up a motor to the frame.

Step 5: Power Supply 

Since we are using a small Electric Motor, it is highly recommended to use PC Power Supply. Make sure you place the power supply and other electrical components to their desired place. You can use readymade connector clips from the market which make the procedure much easier for you if you are not familiar with these components.

Once you are done with this, you can turn on the Switch to see if the motor is working or not. The rollers should start rolling once you start the motor.

Step 6: Testing 

Once you are done with everything, the final step is testing the model. Pick a glass jar and add raw stones or Cadle or any glass product. You need to place the glass jar on to the rollers. You need to add sand and some water along with the material you want to convert using this tumbler.

Sand and Water work together with the raw stones and materials to give that designed shiny look. Initially, it will take some time to understand its functionality. However, you will become a master with the rock tumbling process after practicing it for a few times.

Final Words: 

This is how you can make a Rock Tumbler at Home. You just need to follow our step by step guidelines to make your own Rock Tumbler at home. Prepare a layout on a paper and start working on your project. You will get the desired result at the end. You can also surf other tutorials and follow external guidelines to make it even more professional.

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