[Review ]Smithsonian 49005 Kids Rock Polishing Kit and Tumbler

The Smithsonian tumbler represents another child orientated polisher or one which could be ideal if you want to just dip your toe in the water to see what rock tumbling is all about.

Fairly small and compact in dimensions it is easy to locate and easy to add and remove the barrel when required. Various reports about this brand are saying that the container will wear after a few tumbles, generally around the indents in the barrel where the stone puts more pressure on the plastic as it rotates.

This causes the contents to spill out. Not good. Regarding noise, it is fairly quiet compared to some with almost no volume coming from the motor – just the usual bashing sound of the rocks hitting each other – which really cannot be avoided on any tumbler unless external proofing is put into place.

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NSI/Smithsonian 49005 Rock Tumbler Review

What we like

  • Small – so it is versatile as to where it can be placed – not taking up too much room.
  • Easy to understand guide included along with a large poster to get you up and running.
  • Refill kits can be bought separately containing rocks, grits and polish and this is specifically branded to the Smithsonian model.

What we don’t like

  • Not good for professional rock polishing
  • Barrel can leak with too much pressure

More About Smithsonian Rock Tumbler 

NSI/Smithsonian 49005 Rock Tumbler

The Smithsonian tumbler is one of the best rock tumblers for kids. It is safe and easy to you. Works like a fun gift for your kids and gives them a hobby too.

It is a compact sized rock tumbler but don’t let the size fool you. The ease of adding and removing the barrel.

This is a perfect rock tumbler for newbies and maybe if you are looking to make professional jewellery you may want a more professional one.

But, to get your kids all interested in rock polishing and shaping, this is going to work perfect for you.

When it comes to the noise factor, it is not a very quiet rock tumbler. The stones together can make some noise, so we will suggest you work with this one in the basement or work shop unless a little loud noise is no problem for you.


  • Mechanical Tumbling Action
  • Includes 35″ X 23″ Colour Poster with Instructions
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 6 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Includes: 1 U.L. Listed Electric Tumbler, 1 Barrel, 2 Motor Friction Rings, 2 Axle-Wear Plates, 1 Rubber O Ring Gasket
  • Also Includes- 1 Bag Rough Semi-Precious Stones (8 oz), 1 Bag Coarse Grit (0.63 oz), 1 Bag Medium Grit (1.02 oz)
  • Includes More: 1 Bag Polish (0.81 oz), 1 Pot of Glue (0.17 Fl oz), 12 Plastic Anchors, 2 Key Rings, 2 Rings, 6 Cords, and Colour Poster with Instructions

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4 thoughts on “[Review ]Smithsonian 49005 Kids Rock Polishing Kit and Tumbler”

  1. I think to give Smithsonian rock tumbler reviews is one of the best things a consumer can do. After ordering the product from amazon, I had to wait for only 2-3 days to get it delivered, and when I started using the product, it was highly smooth, and easy to use. The features available in the tumbler are commendable, and it can really eliminate your work load, and save your time.

  2. At first, I had to go through the Smithsonian rock tumbler instructions to get used to it. But now, it has been a while I am using this product, and very happy to use it. Also, it is a bonus kit that has a refill item in it. Highly recommended.

  3. Smithsonian rock tumbler kit is one of the best electric toys I have used. I was able to make attractive keychains, charms, necklaces, and more.

  4. Smithsonian rock tumbler kit for kids is one of the best polished stones electric toy that you can gift if they are fond of creativity, and mechanics.


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