MJR Professional Rock Tumbler Reviews – 10lb & 20lb

When trying to choose a tumbler for your work, there are some very important elements that need to be considered. I learned this the hard way. I work with a ton of jewelry and stones in my shop and people or sometimes firms, often come to me to get their jewelry polished and maintained. But, when it started, I didn’t have the right tumbler at the time. After just a year of use, it had started to show some major issues like frequently stopping and extremely nondurable. So, I had to buy a new tumbler. I went through a lot of brands and tumblers reviews and the one I found most interesting were mjr tumblers reviews. They were very detailed and positive. So, without much looking into it and relying solely on the recommendations and mjr rock tumbler reviews of users, I went for it. 

It has been more than fifteen months since I have got my hands on my new tumbler and I can safely say that it is one of the best rock tumblers by MJR. So, since I have used this product enough to know it in and out, let me help you with a detailed review of MJR Tumblers. To be more specific mjr tumblers 10lb and 20lb rock tumbler reviews. I have been using the 10lbs tumbler and for the 20lbs review, I would refer to my friend who has been utilizing the 20lbs MJR tumbler everyday. 

About MJR Tumblers

Before we look at the mjr tumblers reviews, let’s understand the brand itself. After all, it is the brand you will be relying upon to give you the best results. MJR is a USA based tumbler manufacturing company that has slowly grown into becoming the go-to name for tumblers users across the nation. The brand gains a competitive edge over others simply by providing the customers with a quality product at a highly competitive price point. It’s tumblers also come with an extended two-year warranty which makes customers like you and me feel that we can rely upon the brand for both its quality and support. MJR also has extensive customer service support that doesn’t take long to get in touch with you and sort your problem immediately. 

MJR Tumblers 10 LB Rock Tumbler Awarded Best High End, Most Versatile Run 4 Dif Barrel Combinations

MJR Professional Rock Tumbler – 10lbs review

Among our MJR tumblers 10lb and 20lb rock tumbler reviews we are first going to start withthe 10lbs version. We can realize the extent of durability and quality of the MJR rock tumbler, 10lbs version just by learning that it has received awards and accolades from numerous associations in America. The 10lbs versions of the MJR tumbler comprise of a durable 16 gauge steel frame, welded, a strong commercial plastic with a complete sealing neck allowing comfortable loading and unloading process, stainless steel bearings, and a motor that would not quit on you. The item weighs just 10 pounds which makes it easy to move. Overall, this is an mjr professional rock tumbler, perfectfor anyone who has a low to mild usage. Let’s dig a little deep and look at some of its pros and cons. 


  • best rock tumblers by mjr for mild use
  • Heavy-duty body
  • 2-year warranty
  • Can work round the clock without any hassle
  • Competitively priced. 
  • Best post-sale customer service 
  • Easy exchange or parts in the long run


  • Low quantity for intense work. 
  • Continues use for years may require parts change 

MJR Tumblers 20 LB Rock Tumbler Awarded Best High End, Most Versatile Run 19 Dif Barrel Combinations

MJR Heavy Duty Rock Tumbler Reviews – 20lbs

Now that we are done with 10lbs, it is also important to talk about the 20lbs version of MJR professional rock tumbler. The company produces a variety of tumblers that start at a mere 6lbs and go as far up as 40lbs. However, for someone who uses it on a regular basis with not very high load, a 20lbs MJR tumbler would be perfect. It is neither too large nor too small for general or professional use. The significant difference between the 10lbs and 20lbs version of the MJR tumbler is the addition of an additional 10lbs barrel and a grid kit for polishing on the later version. The key features of this version include a 16 gauge welded steel frame, stainless steel bearing, seal tight neck for easy loading and unloading, extended 18 gauge power cord, and a durable motor. Now that we have looked at all the specs, let’s check out the pros and cons


  • Very competitive pricing
  • Extremely durable
  • Made for heavy use
  • The grid kit gives an excellent addition, let’s you get to work immediately. 
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Easy to operate


  • Two 10lbs barrels instead of one single 20lbs. 

That’s it. This was all you needed to know about MJR tumblers 10lb and 20lb rock tumbler reviews. If you are looking for one of these above options, go on to Amazon.com and get the best deals. You can also go for another version of MJR tumblers including 6 lb, 12 lb (Single 12 lb barrel or two 6 lb barrels), 15 lb, 18 lb (Three 6 lb barrels), 25 lb, 30 lb, and 40 lb Capacity. Happy tumbling! 

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