Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary Tumbler Review


  1. Made from high-grade steel materials, comes with a great build quality
  2. The product is durable enough to last for years
  3. Comes with two separate pans
  4. Comes with a full kit which includes media sifter and tumbling media
  5. Features rubber lining which reduces noise
  6. Offers better results with high performance
  7. Built-in timer with automatic shut off feature
  8. Affordable pricing


  1. Some users are complaining about the build quality of the tumbler. The tumbler gets broken up within a month of its use.

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Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary Tumbler Review

Brass Cleaner has become an easy process with the latest Tumblers. If you are searching for a Rotary Tumbler to work on range of applications of different materials, then Lyman 7631550 Cyclone Rotary Tumbler should be the best choice for you. Lyman is a leading manufacturer with a range of Tumblers for all types of consumers. This is highly recognized brands with a number of models.

In this competitive market, there are plenty of options available when it comes to buying a new Rotary Tumbler. If you haven’t used any type of Tumbler ever, then first you need to know about the functions and way of using it.

The Lyman’s Cyclone Rotary Tumbler serves an easy-to-use interface allowing everyone to use it effectively. The Lyman Cyclone Rotary Tumbler Review will give you all the information about it including the list of its Pros and Cons. Let’s get on to the review part!


What makes the Lyman Cyclone Rotary Tumbler unique from other models is its combined functionality. Unlike the traditional rotary machines, this Cyclone Rotary Tumbler works with a liquid solution and stainless material.

This cyclone rotary tumbler is designed for the users who work with brass materials. You can use this tumbler to give the perfect shapes on brass materials and objects. It makes the brass materials shiny and rich in looks.

Unlike the traditional vibratory tumblers, this tumbler works with the advanced cyclonic technology. It works way better than the traditional vibratory tumblers and effectively works with different types of brass objects.

Simple design

This Cyclone Rotary Tumbler has a simple design. The functionality of the tumbler is very easy to use and anyone can easily get started with this tumbler to clean up brass objects. The tumbler uses tiny stainless-steel pins which makes the tumbling process easier. You can simply put these tiny pins inside the tumbler’s pocket.

When it comes to working with the brass or stainless-steel objects, traditional vibratory tumblers are not suitable. The traditional tumblers are designed for raw stones which are not compatible to work with brass materials. For the very same reason, many users are shifting from vibratory tumblers to this Cyclone Rotary Tumbler.

The rotary tumbler works with a different method to give shiny mirror-like look to the brass objects. It offers professional-grade results and you can build a whole new career with this compact sized tool. If you are confused and can’t decide whether to buy it or not, then you should follow the list of its features first.

Lyman Cyclone Rotary Tumbler: Key Features

People who have not used any type of tumbler must check for the features of a tumbler before purchasing them from the market. To give you the right information about this Cyclone Rotary Tumbler, here we have prepared a list of all the useful features. Let’s get on to the list of its features now!

Advanced Technology

Unlike the traditional rotary tumblers works with a simple rotation method. But this Rotary Tumbler works with the advanced cyclonic technology. The tumbler comes with a capacity of cleaning up to 1000 pieces of brass at a time. It has a capacity of .233 brass Remington Cases.

It’s an electric powered tumbler which works with the Electric power. The rotary tumbler requires power of 110 volts.

Additionally, the tumbler features rubber linings around which reduces noise during the rotating process. Tumbling process makes unnecessary noise which can be annoying and disturbing, but the rubber linings attached to the tumbler makes less noise compared to the traditional tumblers.

Great Build Quality

Lyman is a trusted brand which offers a range of products made from high-grade materials. The Lyman’s Cyclone Rotary Tumbler is made from high-grade stainless-steel material. The Stainless Steel is free from corrosion makes the tumbler suitable to work in different weather conditions.

The rotary tumbler is durable enough which offers high tumbling performance lifelong. You can work on a large tumbling application without any hassle. The traditional vibratory tumblers are made from plastic materials which have limited lifespan. However, this tumbler offers great performance as it is made from stainless-steel.

Superior Cleaning Performance

Rotary Tumbler is designed to work with brass materials. Compared to the other tumblers, the Lyman’s Cyclone Rotary Tumbler cleans up brass pins effectively. It offers great tumbling performance and cleans up brass objects in less time.

Most tumblers keep the brass materials uncleaned after completing the rotating process. But this tumbler offers 100% clean and neat objects once the tumbling process is done. The machine is designed in such a way that the pin pockets and inner case of the tumbler remains clean.

Good Capacity

The Cyclone comes with a large capacity drum which can hold up to 1000 pieces of .233 brass. The capacity of the media of this tumbler is 5 pounds. The drum capacity is also 5 pounds that means it can hold the brass materials of up to 5 pounds of weight.

Easy-to-load and Unload

The functionality of this Tumbler is very easy-to-use as it is designed for all types of users. No matter whether you are a professional user or just a beginner, you can make use of this Tumbler on your own without any hassle.

The drum of the tumbler has big caps at both the ends. This makes it easier for the users to load and unload materials easily. You don’t need to remove the tumbler from its position, you can keep the tumbler to its original position and can still can load or unload materials.

If you find the material is very heavy and the tumbler is overloaded, you can remove extra weight to match with the loading capacity.

Works smoother and faster

Compared to the traditional vibratory tumblers, this Tumbler works faster and smoother. This is a highly recommended model for cleaning up brass materials and cases. It is designed to work with the metal materials only.

The rotary tumbler has a lined bowl and works with a simple belt drive operation. This makes the entire process smooth. The material also makes very less noise unlike other vibratory tumblers. This is also a reason behind why most new comers prefer to choose this model over others.

Additionally, this Rotary Tumbler works way faster than the other models. It makes the tumbling process super smooth and finishes long tumbling tasks in less time.

Built-in Timer

The Lyman’s Cyclone Rotary Tumbler has a built-in Timer. You can set the timer for a particular task for up to 3 hours. Once the timer reaches to the set time, it will shut off automatically. Yes, you don’t need to keep an eye on the timer as the built-in timer shuts off the rotation of the tumbler and its motor automatically.

This is an important feature on the tumbler as it keeps the tumbler protected from overheating and high voltage power. You can work on a range of applications without any worries.

Advanced Rotary Kit

The design of this Rotary Tumbler is very unique as it has its own kit. The kit includes dual shifting system. This dual shifting system keeps the cases and pins separated within the tumbler. It makes the tumbling process super easy as you can work with pins and cases simultaneously.

Two different pans keep the pins and media separated during the process. The Media Pins won’t get mixed with the any other materials or come out into the sink. The top pan of the tumbler comes with a coarse opening which helps in catching the cases effectively. The lower pan has a fine screen to separate out the pins. This dual shifter system is very advanced available on the limited rotary tumblers.

The Kit comes with 5 lbs of media pins made from high-grade of stainless-steel materials. The kit also includes a sample packet of solution which works with the media pins. This liquid solution makes the tumbling process super smooth and it also helps in reducing noise during the process.

If we talk about the size of the steel pins included in the kit, the pins are of 7.5 millimeter with a diameter of 1 millimeter. Since the pins are made from high-grade steel materials, they can’t be damaged easily and you can use them for a longer period. The pins are reusable and you can use them multiple times.

These are the most effective and highly useful features and specifications of this new generation and top rated Cyclone Rotary Tumbler from Lyman. This is undoubtedly the most advanced tumbler on the market which gives you the best of tumbling experience with no prior experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Would you recommend this tumbler for deburring edges?

The Cyclone Rotary Tumbler uses stainless steel pins. The tumbling process works with water and other cleaning solution in liquid form. The primary use of this tumbler is to clean up brass cases. You can also use this tumbler for cleaning off jewelry.

We do not recommend you this tumbler for deburring edges as it comes with stainless-steel pins. You will have to use abrasive media pins for deburring edges. If you use it for deburring edges, the lifespan of the tumbler will be reduced.

  1. What’s the capacity of this Tumbler with the Cases?

If you have 9mm cases made from brass materials, then you can load up to 800-1000 pieces of cases at a same time.

  1. Can I use an additional separator to separate the pins from the tumbler?

This Tumbler has two individual pans which keeps the media pins and cases separate in to different pans. To separate metal materials, you can use magnet separators which works well with the media pins. It will take less than two minutes to separate steel pins from the tumbler.

  1. Can I use this Tumbler to clean raw rocks?

We would not recommend you to use this rotary tumbler to clean up raw stones. However, you can load a small amount of raw stones to tumble on this unit at a time.

  1. Which cleaning solution do you recommend to use with this Tumbler?

We recommend you to use the Lyman Solution. However, you can also use different types of liquid solutions which are also compatible with this tumbler. You can use the dishwasher detergent booster. Lemishine is also the most popular choice of the users. Some users are using the car wash liquid for the same and they get the effective results with it.

In a nutshell, you can use a variety of liquid materials instead of using the Lyman’s original solution on this rotary tumbler.

Final Words:

Lyman is the most trusted brands in this particular industry and this Cyclone Rotary Tumbler is designed to give you the best of tumbling experience with the metal and brass materials. We hope the above review helped you to know more about the functionality of this Tumbler. Go through the review parts and grab this Rotary Tumbler for your workshop now!

Where to buy?

You can buy this Lyman Cyclone Rotary Tumbler from amazon.

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